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Opening Night

The show has now opened and Jack and has been receiving rapturous praise from the public, and now the first professional reviews are in.

The Loughborough Echo was really exicited heading its review "Panto proves an absolute hoot"

"... the show, in all aspects, really delivers on its lofty ambition to maintain the highest possible standards for the town panto - the seasonal show was an absolute hoot for all ages, enthralling youngsters and entertaining the not-so-young throughout. .... This year's show was a real breath of fresh air."

For the full review visit The Echo

"Loughborough loves its traditional panto, successfully delivered by the same company for a decade. The Town Hall took a risk in refreshing it with a wholly new company, but no one needs to worry. It’s better than ever," said The Stage. "It’s a heart-warming and wholesome show."

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Rehearsals Gather Pace - Fairy Story's Blog No. 2

Well, here we are, at the end of our first week of rehearsals! It has FLOWN by, but we've all been working super hard and it's really exciting to be able to say that we have got through and set the entire show! Now we just need to crack on and learn our lines...!

Costume fittings are taking place in-between singing and dancing rehearsals- I have to say, the costumes are SO spectacular, and there's so many I can barely keep count! I'm so excited to get fitted for mine, those wings are calling my name! We've been working a lot with our wonderful youth company this week who are so fabulous and really professional. It's great to see all our individual rehearsals coming together for the big song and dance numbers!

We've also had fun this week spotting all the various 'Jack' promo material which is dotted about! Have you seen any of these?

Town Hall Exterior Town Hall Banner

Standee Storystalk & Cookbook

After rehearsals today (in our living room!) I caught up with musical star Ben Yates who's playing this years title character to see how he's enjoying the rehearsal process!

Benwith Skittles

Hi Ben! How are rehearsals going for you? "Really great fun thanks! It's so great working with such an enthusiasic and talented youth company as well as all my co-stars!" (n.b I didn't pay him to say that- honest!)

What's your favourite thing about doing panto? "The tights! Haha not really- the audience's reaction to Morgan's hilarious script is always great to experience."

What do you prefer- singing, acting or dancing? "I couldn't possibly choose, it has to be a mixture of all three. It's important to be as versatile as possible as an performer, especially in musicals!"

And finally, what's your secret for getting through intensive rehearsal periods? "Lots of sugar! And to keep smiling- luckily everyone here is lovely so everything has been a pleasure so far!"

Tally Ho Panto fans! - Fairy Story's Blog No. 1

Kate Brennan here, reporting live from backstage at this year's panto at Loughborough Town Hall! Just in case you've missed all the green leaves and glitter lurking around the Town Hall, this year's panto is Jack and the Beanstalk. I'm playing Fairy Story, who helps Jack on his quest against the evil Giant Bogey, and I'm here to give you a little taster of what's happening backstage and how a professional panto is put together!

All the cast and crew have traveled to Loughborough and have settled into our 'digs' here. Most of us are staying in a house together which is tonnes of fun! The silliness definitely continues outside of the rehearsal room, and we're already planning our Christmas decorations! We must be addicted to glitter!

Yesterday saw all the cast and crew come together for the first time for day one of rehearsals! In the morning, everyone met at the Town Hall for a 'Meet and Greet', which gave everyone the chance to meet everyone who will be working on the show- and boy are there a lot of people! Everyone was there, from box office staff, backstage crew, front of house, stage managers, the ladies from the marketing department, and of course all the cast! It was fab to see everyone there and already there's a real sense of teamwork and family on this years show! Also, the cast were especially chuffed to see the huge array of pastries and doughnuts on offer- that's one way to get a company of actors out of bed in the morning!!

Meet and Greet Treats

After that we were treated to a special showing of the model box. This is a tiny model of the stage and all of the different sets that appear throughout the show, so that everyone can see how the production is going to look. Morgan Brind, our designer (and writer AND Dame!) is incredibly talented, and all his designs are so beautifully intricate- I won't give too much away but be prepared for your eyes to be wowed at Dame Trott's Dairy! We also got to take a look at all the costume sketches, so we can see what we'll look like! The costumes are just gorgeous and our motto this year seems to be 'You Can Never Have Too Much Glitter!'

We then spent some time reading through the script, and trust me, there was plenty of laughter around the table already, so get ready to guffaw! Then it was time to start putting the show on it's feet which I was super excited about- as Fairy Story I get to start the show, so make sure you give me a wave when the curtain goes up! I spend a LOT of time on stage right- did you know that it is panto tradition for the 'Goodies' to enter the stage from the right, and 'Baddies' to enter the stage from the left?

Today we get to meet our Kids Company, made up of young talent home-bred here in Loughborough and we can't wait to see their wonderful singing and dancing!

Keep an eye out for more updates from the rehearsal room and backstage gossip!

Until next time!!

Lots of love,

Kate/Fairy Story

Meet the Cast at our Family Fun Day

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Introducing our new Dame

"Hello, my name is Morgan Brind.

I'm really excited to be playing dame at Loughborough this year! Its a town I've spent quite a long time in and I'm looking forward to being so close to home at christmas! Plans are taking shape here at the Town Hall to make sure that this year's pantomime is a GIGANTIC one. Already workshops of people are busily, painting, glittering, stitching and sawing to bring you the most spectacular festive treat the town has seen. It seems it's never to early to panto! I've had a bit of a sneak peak and the sets look beautiful, the costumes outrageous, the script is hilarious and I think there's going to be one or two surprises along the way!

I really hope I'll get to meet some of you at our family Fun Day on the 15th of September. We've got a wonderfully talented cast lined up for this year who'll be popping up around the building and it looks like it's going to be a great day with all sorts of activities and games to entertain everyone.

Don't forget you can join in and let us know what you think via Facebook and twitter. #magicbeansLTH "

Born in Derby, Morgan trained at the Bristol Old VIc Theatre school. He has acted all over the Europe and the United States and recent work includes: Peundulums Bargain Emporium at this year's Edinburgh Festival; Eilert Loevbourg in Hedda Gabler(Litchfield Garrick); Nicholas Devise The Lady's Not For Burning (Finborough theatre), Joe in The Great Sleigh Robbery (Brentwood Theatre); Matthew in Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco (Alma Bristol) and Outdoor Shakespeare for Radio 4. He played the Nurse in the all-male Romeo and Juliet for the Lord Chamberlain's Men on their national tour.

This is the sixth Christmas he has spent wearing dresses, having appeared in Beauty and the Beast and Robin Hood (West Wing Arts Centre) and as Widow Twankey in Aladdin, Nurse Nancy Nightly in Sleeping Beauty, and Dame Trott in Jack and the Beanstalk at The Maltings Theatre, Berwick upon Tweed. Jack and the Beanstalk is the sixth pantomime he has written, designed and co produced for Little Wolf Entertainment.

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Children's Ensemble now Cast

Loughborough Town Hall spent the summer searching for a new crop of talented, local youngsters to appear alongside the professional actors in their spectacular Christmas pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk. Open Auditions for the Children’s Ensemble took place at the venue on Sunday 7 July, with just under 100 young people between the ages of 8 and 16 showing off their fancy footwork and sensational singing skills in a bid to impress the production’s casting director and choreographer.

Alan Bowles, Executive Producer of Little Wolf Entertainment, the pantomime’s producers, was hugely impressed. “This year’s production promises to be better than ever… and much, much BIGGER! We were looking for kids with bags of energy and personality and we were amazed at how many talented youngsters Loughborough has to offer! The auditions were lots of fun, and the standard was very high! It was a really tough decision, choosing the final teams and we want to thank everyone involved.”

Panto Dance Auditions Announced

Loughborough Town Hall is pleased to announce that this year's panto dance auditions will be held on Sunday 7th July 2013

This Christmas, the show will be a fantastic new production, Jack and the Beanstalk, the biggest pantomime of them all! Once again we are looking for talented youngsters to appear in the show, alongside the professional actors. We are looking for kids with bags of energy and personality. Acting/singing/dance ability is required but previous theatre experience is not essential.

Age Group: We are looking for children from 8 to 16 years old

8 – 12 years old – please arrive at 9.30am for a 10am audition
13 – 16 years old – please arrive at 1.30pm for a 2pm audition

Download the full audition details and the application form here Kids Auditions Info and Form 2013 (PDF Document, 1.8 Mb). We look forward to meeting you!

Jack is Back ......

Loughborough Town Hall begins preparations for Christmas 2013 panto!

Jack and the Beanstalk - Big Bean Challenge

In association with the venue's spectacular family pantomime ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, Loughborough Town Hall is launching a competition to find the best bean growers in the East Midlands.

Grow your own runner bean plant and enter our competition to win a family ticket to the pantomime.
To enter the competition, take a photograph of your longest bean pod, (before it is picked), with a ruler or tape measure beside it, so that its length can be clearly verified.

Advice on growing your runner bean and the Competition rules and entry form can be found Big Bean Challenge (PDF Document, 0.5 Mb)

Simply send your picture together with this completed form to Loughborough Town Hall, Market Place, Loughborough, LE11 3EB. Alternatively email your Competition entries to
Closing Date is 11th September.

The winner will be announced at the venue’s Sunday Funday on 15th September.

Jack and the Beanstalk takes place from 30 November 2013 to 5 January 2014 and tickets are on sale now here.
Good luck and happy growing!

Jack and the Beanstalk is

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