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As Jack and the Beanstalk gears up for its run at Loughborough Town Hall, our new dame Mary Trott has decided to give you a personal insight into her world.

Mary has joined a dating website and is hoping to find love.

Dates 4 Dames

Dear dates-for-dames Please Help!

Name: Dame Mary Trott

Age: 22 and 324 months

Height: In which heels?

Dame Web2

Occupation: Dairy maid and midnight chocolate digestive eater

Relationship Status: Single by choice... not my choice

Weight: I keep trying to lose weight, but it keeps finding me

Looking for: A man

What kind of man? Must have a pulse…(Ideally)

Likes: Chocolate, Men and Coffee... some things are just better rich

Dislikes: Bossy Giants, Brussel Sprouts and Beans

Describe the last date you went on: Well I met this handsome man, it wasn't really a date - date, we just had a meal and watched a film. Then the plane landed.

Please write a little bit about yourself for our members....
Well hello my dears.
I'm new to Loughborough and as a single mum bringing up two kids in a plywood cottage in the middle of a theatre I'm looking for love.
The last time I tried online dating I asked to meet someone who loves the outdoors, swimming, fishing and wearing formal clothes. They sent me a penguin, so I hope this time goes better!
I've been single since we lost my husband Scott Trott. He was a fitness fanatic, everyday he'd get up and walk fifteen miles a day... So he could be halfway to Australia by now.
Anyway, if you are (or know someone who is) a man with a GSOH, T.O.W.I.E and their own teeth, and would fancy a pint (of milk!) then please tweet me (gently) or Facebook me, I'm in loughborough from the 30th of November till the 5th of January and I would love to meet you!

Lots of Love Dame Trott

Dame Web

Come and join me for lots of laughs on facebook https://www.facebook.com/notes/mary-trott/dates-for-dames/698833293462026


Dick Whttington has now finished its successful run and Dame Sarah has gone on holiday. Watch this space for an update from the star of our next pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk.

Read below the musings of Dame Sarah the Cook, star of Loughborough Town Hall's Christmas Pantomime Dick Whittington, who kindsly shared some of her thoughts in the run up to the last panto season!

13 December 2012

Sarah Cook here

The Christmas spirit is in full swing now! In fact I’ve got through two bottles of Glenfiddock, three bottles of Gin and a case of Baileys this week.

As a result, I haven’t got one Christmas present yet. I’ve been so busy getting ready for panto. Replacing the rivets in my underwear, picking up my boots from Portsmouth Naval Dockyard, collecting my frock from Blacks of Greenock. I wouldn’t say that I was large but, this year, my new bra is reinforced with aluminium scaffolding.

It is going to be the best panto season of all time as I am absolutely raring to go and all of my very tasty co-stars have been hand picked and vacuum packed to seal in the flavour. This will assure your panto will be fresh, original and just right for all the family!

Make sure you get your tickets to see the delicious Sarah the Cook on the Town Hall stage in Dick Whittington. The show runs until Sunday 6 January 2013.

Happy Christmas xx

19 November 2012

Sarah the Cook here

I have ordered all my makeup off the internet this year as the foundation I used last year was just not up to the job, I had a tipper truck of finishing plaster arrive just before rehearsals. The man assured me that this plaster would work up to half an inch thick, give a silky smooth finish and a chiselled look.

He was right about the chiselled look because the only way to get it off was with a hammer and cold chisel! I was there for hours trying to find my face! When I did find it, I had to use gallons of my new Virgin West Coast Moisturiser!........ For the skin with more lines than railtrack!

Honestly, I'm so fed up. It is just as well that panto time is almost upon me. The show is sure to bring a bit of seasonal cheer and I am so looking forward to meeting everyone. I've been playing the new panto game in the hope of winning some tickets for my friends. Have you tried it. Just zap the rats and help me clean up the streets of London. You might win the prize.

Make sure you get your tickets to see me on the Town Hall stage in Dick Whittington. The show runs from Saturday 24 November 2012 – Sunday 6 January 2013.

See you then xx

24 October 2012

Hello there panto fans.

It does seem a long time since the last panto season but I think we can all agree that we have had a very exciting summer with the Jubilee and the Olympics but now it is time to start preparing properly for panto. I have already organised the truck to deliver all of the make-up I need to keep myself looking gorgeous for you this season and I know the wardrobe mistresses at Imagine are hard at work on some tremendous frocks for me.

I have decided that before the panto season starts I would like a new man in my life. I have given much thought to the sort of man that may be able to appreciate a glamorous, independent woman of maturing years and have come up with the perfect man – Harry Styles from One Direction! I am thinking of inviting him to this year’s Halloween party – what do you think?

I feel that people, particularly poor Alice, are getting tired of me outdoing them in the glamour stakes and so I have decided that for my Halloween costume this year I am going to dress down and go as Kylie Minogue (although I am struggling slightly to find enough gold material for those hotpants!)

I have just been trying out a special Halloween iced bun recipe – they are supposed to look like slimy green monsters. I hit a slight snag when I realised I didn’t have any green food colouring for the icing. I think I have solved the problem though. I have mixed the icing with a tin of mushy peas! The green is a bit pale but I have managed to get out most of the lumps so I am sure no one will notice.

Well I better be off. I hope your celebrations are as brilliant as mine. I'm hoping the Alderman wants a nibble of my Halloween buns!!
Ta ta for now xx

Dame Sarah the Cook

30th JULY 2012

Hello there panto go-ers!

Dame Sarah the Cook here, ready to share some dame-licious stories.

Like everyone else I've got caught up in the excitement of the Olympics, especially after the fantastic visit of the Olympic Torch to Loughborough. I decided that Pantoland should celebrate with our very own Games!

Dressed for the occasion in a rather splendid and patriotic Union Jack frock, I joined my lovely cast mates in the opening event of the competition, the hula hoop. Alice thought she would win since she has such a ridiculously tiny waist, however, those extra macaroons I have been having with my afternoon cuppa paid off as the hoop fitted me perfectly! It was actually a bit tricky to get it off. It took Dick, Idle Jack and the Alderman to wrestle it down.

We almost had to cancel the egg and spoon race as Stinky (King Rat’s helper) made a giant omelette out of the eggs, but Dick managed to find some rather attractive gold ones from somewhere. King Rat super-glued his egg to the spoon, although I still might have beaten him if I hadn’t popped into the pub for a small sherry to steady my hand!

Our final event was tennis. Dick, of course, fancies himself as the next Roger Federer, but Jack tied his shoe laces together while he was having forty winks so he couldn’t get up! Fairy Bowbells kindly cast a spell on King Rat and Stinky’s rackets so the strings disappeared every time the ball reached them, so I won again. Hooray!

In the tradition of all good Olympics we had to have a closing ceremony and so I brought my guitar and treated everyone to a performance of ‘Stairway to Heaven’. I think the request for me to go and play there was very rude!

Anyway I hope you all enjoy the Olympics, but don’t forget if you haven’t already got them, it’s a good time to get ahead of the rush and buy your panto tickets. I promise you’ll have a really great time.

See you soon

Sarah the Cook

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