Just So Stories prepare for their half term visit

Published Tue 11th February, 2014 by Loughborough Town Hall

New pictures of the cast in rehearsals have been released by Red Table Theatre, the company behind the exciting new show at Loughborough Town Hall this half term. Take a look here to see the pictures and learn more about this brilliantly imaginative production.

The Just So Stories is an entertaining re-telling of four of Rudyard Kipling's famous stories - fairytale versions of which aim to give a fantastical answer to four fascinating questions: Why the moon pulls the tides? How the camel got its hump? Why the whale no longer eats people? Why the elephant's nose is so long?

The cast of four talented young actors use everyday items found in a dusty attic to change into fantastical creatures and places, leading their audience on an unforgettable and song-filled journey.

The show is the perfect treat for half term. Tickets are just £7 for adults and £5 for children

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