Dick Whittington gets rave reviews

Published Mon 10th December, 2012 by Loughborough Town Hall

Dick Whittington is already thrilling audiences, and now it is also wowing the critics.

Loughborough Echo

"a slick, professional show jam-packed with panto fun, big cheesy laughs, stunning set pieces such as the sea scene, sloppy slapstick, soaring singing, the amazing work by the young chorus line, and the loveable Dame Sarah the Cook - the ever-present, ever-brilliant Martin Ballard."

The Stage

"Loughborough’s panto is always one of the fastest paced and jolliest in the region, and evil doesn’t have a chance of triumphing here. But Sion Lloyd’s gravelly-voiced thug of a King Rat and his sidekick, Stinky (Jamie Sheerman), pump volumes of energy into making us think it might.

It’s a good script and an immensely good-hearted panto ..... has the audience in raptures."

If you haven't got your tickets yet there is still time. Tickets are from £10.50 to £14 available online here

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