Surface Details Project

Surface Details Project

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7th September to 7th October 2021

Venue: Sock Gallery

This innovative exhibition lead by Stevie Davies will feature photographs, drawings and mixed media artworks created by a number of artists and makers. With a clear focus on artistic experimentation and development, we delve into the process behind the final artworks.  

Stevie Davies started the Surface Details project as a result of her fascination with taking photos while out and about, capturing images of textures and colours which most people walk past without even noticing; the idea being that we need to slow down, look around us and appreciate the little things in our surroundings. 

Stevie comments: “I like to find the beauty in the smallest of details, most passing by wouldn’t even give them a second look but I can’t help but be fascinated by the textures and colours of an oil and water reaction, a petrol rainbow in the middle of the road”.

Each artist has been asked to let us see some of their process, photos of hands at work and their tool kits are there to explore and inspire.  Each piece within the exhibition has been created using processes which are true to each artist/maker. 

Visitors will also be invited to leave their own response to the theme in the form of drawings, creative workshops and social media interactions.  Get involved using #SurfaceDetailsProject and find out more by searching for the ‘Surface Details Project’ on facebook and Instagram.

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