Talon - Greatest Hits Tour 2018

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21st September to 22nd September 2018 - 7.30PM

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

This world class seven piece band are a phenomenon and have truly transcended the tag of ‘tribute’. They have become a brand name in their own right who are not only revered by their peers, respected by the music industry but dearly loved by their massive and expanding fan base that together have become a ‘family’.

In the summer of 2016 Talon were nominated in seven different categories by the ‘Agents Association of Great Britain’ at the ‘National Tribute Music Awards’ and winning ‘OFFICIAL UK No. 1’ (Eagles tribute show), ‘MARKETING & PR’, ‘LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD’ and the big one… ‘BEST BAND’ (in all categories). The ability of Talon to evolve and go from strength to strength in delivering bigger and better shows year on year continues once again with what promises to be an EVENT…

Talon perform the songs of the Eagles with reverence and super talent”. - Jack Tempchin - (Eagles Hit Songwriter)

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