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4th October to 8th October 2016 - 7.30pm, Thurs 6pm & Sat Matinee 2.30pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

Presented by Greasepaint


  • Tuesday Evening, Thursday Evening & Saturday Matinee  £12.50
  • Wednesday, Friday & Saturday Evening  £14.50
  • Concessions: Saturday Matinee & Schools on Thursday Evening  £10

‘Barnum's the name, P. T. Barnum, and I want to tell you that tonight, on this stage, you are going to see - bar none - every sight, wonder and miracle that name stands for!’

This exhilarating musical follows the irrepressible imagination and dreams of Phineas T. Barnum, America's Greatest Showman. The story of his life and his marriage to Chairy reveals a couple who looked at the world from opposite sides of the spectrum, and also reveals that she was the practical one who made his dreams come true. We follow the legendary showman's life as he lit up the world with colour, warmth and the excitement of his imagination and finally teamed up with J. A. Bailey to create Barnum and Bailey's Circus – the Greatest Show on Earth.

 So come along and join the circus like you know you wanted to, for this kaleidoscopic, cornucopia of a barnstorming theatrical treat. Blockbuster Barnum! Theatrical energy of the highest order.

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