Sock Preview

Sock Preview

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6th March to 24th March 2013

Venue: Sock Gallery

A preview exhibition for our 5th Sock Fair!

A celebration of up to 5 handpicked artists who will share the sock gallery for the weeks leading up to the fair. This is set to be a dynamic use of the space. You will have the chance to meet the artists themselves on the weekend of the fair- 23rd and 24th March 2013, when they will be there in person.

The five artists exhibiting in the gallery are... 

 Butterfly Lady Turquoise Anna Michalska
Anna Michalska Tomajer

Anna’s work is a synergy between print, graphic, mixed media and painting. Within her work she enjoys using the forces of colour and subtleties of line. Exhibiting and living in various countries has enabled Anna to absorb much of the life around her (the nature, colour, people, culture and Landscape) and transfer these somehow into my work. My paintings are layers of colour and materials and my serigraphy are more precise and technical.

Red House
Helen Hallows

Helen is inspired by the rhythms of the seasons, her work tries to capture time through a process of drawing, collage and stitch. There is a strong narrative reinforced by the choice of vintage and found papers. Alongside originals, she sells cards, ceramic pieces and limited edition prints.

2 Myra Hutton Heather Dale 300 Dpi 2012 - 300 Dpi
Myra Hutton
’s work is a traditional craft with a contemporary twist. She creates rich embellished hand felted landscapes interpreting colour, shape and texture to capture the essence of a place or scene. Myra also uses screen print/dye and stitch in an illustrative way, sometimes combining with felt work.

Sock Alison DOyley2
Alison D'Oyley
Alison’s screenprints, linocuts and mixed media drawings are inspired by architectural forms, found both within the countryside and urban areas of Leicestershire.

  Jill York 3

Jill York
Jill paint’s portraits/dancers and animals in acrylic and mixed media on paper in a vibrant fairly loose style.





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