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21st February 2011 - 11am

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

Presented in the Victoria Room

“Whir, whir, whir, the wheel turned and turned until all the straw had been spun into gold.”

Snapdragon, the greedy King, has imprisoned Marigold in his tower and has set her the most impossible task-to spin straw into gold.  Alone in the dungeon, Marigold weeps.  All of a sudden, the red-clad Rumpelstiltskin appears from nowhere..............

 An enchanting, colourful production adapted from the original tale by the brothers Grimm.  A traditional booth puppet play using hand and shadow puppetry with mechanical moving scenery with wheels that spin and windmills that turn.

 Running time 50 minutes        Age range 4 upwards.


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