Dave Spikey

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4th March 2011 - 7.30pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

 “Words Don’t Come Easy Tour”

Inspired by the fantastic audience response to his deconstruction of song lyrics in his “Best Medicine Tour”, combined with his fascination with the vagaries of the English Language, this hilarious new show examines many more situations in life where words really don’t come easy . 

These include tongue-tied parents explaining the facts of life , ridiculous newspaper stories ,magazine poems,  pathetic adolescent chat-up lines ,  weird hospital speak ,  learning a foreign language and an extended selection of song lyrics that range from the lazy through surreal to the ridiculous.  

Throw in a “Champion the Wonder Horse” sing-a-long ,  Ancient Abyssinian Contraception, Rubbish School Trips , Epidural Anaesthesia and The Last Supper and you have all the ingredients for a rich and spicy comedy casserole ; a sort of Lexicon-carne !  Sorry.

Suitable 16+

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