The Perfect Wife Roadshow

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6th October 2010 - 8pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

After seven years of marriage Lizzie realised she had turned into a bitch wife from hell. She criticised the way her husband drove, got irritated when he loaded the dishwasher wrongly, moaned about all the time he spent in front of the telly and questioned him about finances. In fact, she used to feel she could have done a lot better for herself.

Not any more. Lizzie has saved her marriage. She has discovered “the key to happy ever after”. Her life has changed… Now she hopes to change yours.

Following the huge success of her self help bible ‘The Subservient Wife: A Practical Guide to Seeing Your Husband as a Glass Half Full rather than Half Empty’, Lizzie is on a quest to rekindle the lost flames of married couples throughout the country.

In this spoof comedy roadshow… Discover how to be happy with an imperfect man. Learn to be patient and respectful. Stop finding your husband so irritating. Ultimately, give up the notion of the perfect man and become the perfect wife.

This sharp, satirical take on modern marriage promises to expose the flaws in our relationships. It is time to save your marriage and discover who is wearing the trousers, or more to the point, who is ironing them.

"Quirkily Daft Stuff" ****

Suitable age 16+

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