The Black Umfolosi 5

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28th April 2010 - 8pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

Black Umfolosi were formed in 1982 by school friends in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, who named themselves after the Umfolozi Omnyama River in South Africa, fromwhere their ancestors can be traced. In 2009 The Black Umfolosi 5 offer a brand new line-up to present their spectacular songs and dances thrilling audiences worldwide.


Their performances are energy driven and completely engaging, mixing a great gentleness of spirit and song with an exuberance in dance. Their trademark harmonies mixed with intricate rhythms, clicking and clapping are highlighted during their brilliantly choreographed shows with a full range of movements, from subtle to vibrant stomping and leaping! Their famous Gumboot Dances showcase the traditional styles and rituals of the South African mining regions and are a particular crowd pleaser.


Their music is fresh and surprising, with typical intricate rhythms, unusual harmonies and interspersed clicking, clapping and shouting, which combine to produce a natural funky and rugged aura” THE ROUGH GUIDE


Suitable Age 12+. This show may contain loud music.

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