Pete and Dud: Come Again

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16th May 2007 - 7.30 pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore remain one of the greatest British comedy partnerships of all time. This brilliantly funny show tracks the rise and fall of their work together, from their breakthrough early work with Beyond The Fringe partners Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller, through to the hilarious pint-drinking pundits Pete and Dud, and the outrageous Derek and Clive.Against the backdrop of an 80s chat show, this brilliant comedy reveals what brought this definitive double act together - and what eventually drove them apart. A potent combination of powerful drama and plentiful laughs makes the show enjoyable both for ardent fans of their work and those who haven’t yet had the pleasure. Don’t miss this first tour of the acclaimed West End comedy.“Irresistibly funny – this show is a joy” Daily Telegraph – Critic’s Choice

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