Journey's End

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8th March 2010 - Monday 7.30pm, Tuesday (schools) 10.30am

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

Written By R.C.Sherriff



Graham Seed from The Archers and lead from Midsummer Murders

Adam Best from Holby City and Waking the Dead


Monday 8 March 7.30pm Tickets £15


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The young, talented and war-weary Captain Stanhope is confronted with the fresh face of his past as an old schoolmate joins his platoon. As the offensive looms ever closer, Stanhope must inspire his men to make the ultimate sacrifice for a war he no longer understands and for a cause he no longer remembers.


This compelling play based on R. C. Sherriff's own experience in the trenches with its heroism, humour and courage of the soldiers in the face of certain tragedy.


Staged within Stanhope’s claustrophobic dugout, where time creeps to a standstill as soldiers await their orders the drama races to its heart wrenching climax as these young men face their ‘Journey’s End’.


Suitable Aged 12+

Produced by The Original Theatre Company, Icarus Theatre Collective, Anvil Arts and in association with South Hill Park Arts Centre Co-Produced & Directed by Alastair WhatleyProduced by Max Lewendel

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