James Campbell Comedy 4 Kids

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21st October 2010 - 2pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

James Campbell’s brand new stand-up comedy show is now mixed with funny songs about life, sausages and how superheroes go to the toilet.

Some artists go to the desert to write songs. James went to Essex - the nice part (with windows). Accompanied by a piano teacher he found in a forest this show is like none other more than it is like the last one.

When you leave primary school, you will never see another recorder ever again. When you leave this show you will never see marmosets in the same way ever again. This has nothing to do with the show - it's because marmosets are going to change!

"Has achieved almost holy status - don't miss"
The Sunday Times

"My seven-year-old howled with laughter and so did I"
The Daily Mail

"Absurdist Genius"
The Guardian

"Please stop bothering me."
Charlie Higson

Suitable Age 6+

Duration: 65 mins approximately

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