It's Only Rock n Roll

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3rd October 2010 - 7.30pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

Early Bird Offer £1 off tickets bought before 12 Sept.

Starring Bev Bevan of The Move – ELO – Black Sabbath

Raymond Froggatt: Legendary UK Country/Folk Singer

Geoff Turton of The Rockin’ Berries – Jefferson

Trevor Burton of The Move – Steve Gibbons Band

Hartley Cain of The Raymond Froggatt Band

Danny King: Birmingham’s First Pop Star

Like the song says, it is only rock’n’roll but we like it. 2 hours of great music performed by people that have devoted their lives to it.

All of the cast started off performing great rock’n’roll songs in their local clubs in the late 50’s early 60’s before graduating to better bands and bigger UK clubs while joining other UK bands gigging in Germany

It was in Germany and the clubs of the UK that they honed their talents before being unleashed on a worldwide record buying audience selling over a 100 million records between them.

It is the love of the music that has bought this show to life and will electrify audiences everywhere.

Do not miss out on some great music performed by people that love it as much as you.

Suitable 16+

This show may contain loud music.

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