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30th March 2016 - 11am

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

From the Emmy Award-winning team behind the mega-hit television series Friends comes Rapunzel, an exciting musical perfect for all the family!

A familiar tale with a fantastic new spin, it has all the charm you’d expect from the minds that have been making the world laugh non-stop for more than two decades.

Immersion Theatre are thrilled to present the UK Premiere of this witty, tongue-in-cheek story complete with a possessive mother who happens to be a witch, a tentative young man who happens to be a prince and a strong-willed but naïve young girl with the longest hair you’re ever likely to come across!

Forced to live alone with nothing but her hair and her witch (literally) of a mother, Rapunzel dreams of seeing the outside world when a young Prince and his trusty valet come across her tower. Before the Prince and Rapunzel can have their ‘happily ever after’, however, they’re going to have to face the witch’s wrath and some hilarious obstacles in this unique fairy tale!

Duration: 100 minutes
Suitable Age: 4+

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