Ministry of Science Live

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8th October 2015 - 10.30am, 7pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

WARNING!  WARNING! 100% Educational.  200% Anarchic.  300% Entertaining. 400% Explosive.

This is a public safety announcement…..Please keep your head firmly on your shoulders, and your arms, legs and feet inside the ride at all times – Ministry of Science Live is about to explode onto the stage!

Ministry of Science Live is not your ordinary science show – it comes with a bang.  It comes with a whoosh. But most of all is comes with a hovercraft built on stage…. Oh, and a Human Cannon too! From the creative team behind Brainiac Live and a whole load of other explosive science shows, this new production takes an anarchic approach to science communication whilst looking at the inventors and engineers who have shaped and inspired the modern world that we live in. 

From Liquid Nitrogen frozen flowers to Hydrogen Bottle Rockets.  From Buzz Aldrin to Virgin Galactic.  From a cat food tin to the Hovercraft. Join the super talented presenters and the voiceover from above (X Factor’s Peter Dickson) as they take you on a journey using brilliantly designed demonstrations with a few loud bangs to lead the way.  Fingers in ears advised….

Suitable age: 7 - 15 years
Duration: 90 minutes

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