Monday's Child

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28th May 2014 - 2pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

Monday’s Child, written by award-winning Brendan Murray (Writer’s Guild of Great Britain, Best Children’s Play 2012), tells a simple poetic story of the unique bond between a grandmother and a child.  We share the delights and surprises of the respective stages of their lives: discoveries, memories, imaginings…

Grandma can’t remember, but does remember to visit every week and play until bedtime.  Together, they love to sing and dress up and are often oblivious of the challenges that the real world throws at them.

At just five years old, the child delights in discovering her world.  She revels in the days with her eccentric Grandma and loves learning new things – how to count, the different colours and the simplicities of abc and 123.

With live music and dance, this imaginative dream-like yet funny story explores how we learn, grow old and cope with new challenges.
Join us for a funny, tender exploration of worlds old & new

With its magical mix of music, movement and beautiful design, Monday’s Child has been made especially for children aged 3-7 years, their families, and teachers.
Illustrations by Jacky Fleming
Presented by tutti frutti productions and York Theatre Royal.

Victoria Room - unreserved seating
Suitable age 3-7 yrs
Duration 60mins

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