Land of Many Colours

Land of Many Colours

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27th March to 13th May 2014

Venue: Sock Gallery

A Solo Exhibition by Carole Baker

Inspired by the landscape, bold, vibrant colour and texture fascinate her and she strives to create exciting and evocative paintings.

Carole’s work is inspired by places she travels to and works on location with a sketchbook painting en plein air, getting a real feel for the place so that her paintings are an emotional response, not a literal copy. Art is a passionate and instinctive pursuit, and this certainly resonates with her.

Colour is a vital aspect of her work: “I play with colours and see how I can work with a limited palette, no more than seven colours and generally only three or four. I try different colourways to achieve the right mood and atmosphere. My objective is to hold the viewer’s attention, to draw them into the picture so that they see something different each time they look.” Carole paints in acrylics, mixed media and watercolours.

Demonstration Day
Tuesday 1st April 2014 2pm-4pm
Meet Carole and enjoy watching her work in Sock Gallery on a brand new piece!

Launch Night
Tuesday 1st April 5pm-7pm
Join us in Sock Gallery for wine and nibbles, plus the chance to meet Carole and find out more about her work. You can also enjoy the smooth sound of Liz Cooper's Jazz band performing in Sock Gallery to celebrate the exhibition launch.

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