Sock Preview

Sock Preview

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5th March to 23rd March 2014

Venue: Sock Gallery

Our 6th Annual Arts and Craft Purchase and Commision Fair begins with the preview exhibition within Sock Gallery- Your chance to take a sneak preview of 5 of the Artists who will be exhibiting at the 2014 Sock Fair.

The 5 selected Artist are :-

Greg Harris
Selfportrait in Blue HARRIS Greg
Greg is a Leicester based artist that works in primarily high quality portraits and figurative oil paintings. Greg is fascinated with how the brain processes colours and marks, and how far he can push the literal and non-literal elements in what he is trying to portray.

Jo Sheppard
Displaced by Jo Sheppard
Jo's current collection are paintings and drawings inspired by the local landscape.

Lucy Ann Harding
Lucy Anne Harding10
Being a milk lady Lucy can see first-hand that the British Milkman is quickly dying out. Lucy wants to highlight that a milkman is a lifeline to a community not just a tradition. She creates nostalgic textile illustrations inspired by her milk round; the door she delivers too and the people she meets.

Terry Davies
Tranquil Morning (Terry Davies)
Terry creates high quality Fine Art landscapes featuring locations around the UK. The images are presented as top quality 'Giclee' prints and include framed and mounted prints together with fine art greeting cards.

Helen Hallows
HH Singing Trees
Helen Hallows is inspired by transition in the landscape. The narrative of night falling or sunbeams igniting the landscape  with an orange glow; her work is evocative and engaging. Using ink, collage, paint and stitch Helen works in an intuitive and dynamic way that draws the viewer into each piece. Wall mounted pieces are complemented by a range of prints, cards and ceramics.

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