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27th October 2012 - 2pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

Duration: 1hr 45 min inc interval. 

Act One involves audience participation with a rehearsal lasting 30mins.  Act Two follows as a 60min show. 

Image Musical Theatre’s production of ‘Pinocchio’ is great fun. Full of fascinating “larger than life” characters who draw the little puppet into all sorts of risky adventures, this show will enthral and entertain the whole family.

With wonderful songs, great costumes and an ingenious set the show gives us Pinocchio’s journey from being a naughty, disobedient puppet to the realisation of the need to care for others and to get the ultimate reward of becoming a ‘real live boy’.

The show involves audience participation and an opportunity for some children to take part as actors, while the remainder of the audience sing the chorus songs.

Credit: Cast Pix from previous production

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