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6th September 2012 - 7.30pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall


Duration: 80 mins  Suitable Age 14+

Multi award winning company The Paper Birds present their critically acclaimed, sell-out show.

Based on our nation’s love affair with alcohol, Thirsty weaves together real stories, memories and booze-based confessions, collected from a ‘drunken hotline’ and an online questionnaire.

Fusing live music, verbatim text and stunning physical theatre, The Paper Birds explore the stories and social repercussions of lost memories and gained traumas, bruised knees, uncontrollable laughter and sore heads, particularly focusing on the women waving the flag for 'Booze-Britain.'

A dynamic theatrical exploration delving beyond statistics, facts and figures ‘Thirsty’ looks to the faces and the voices of everyone who likes a drink and asks why, as a Nation, are we so thirsty?

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