Sherlock Holmes - The Last Act!

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5th September 2012 - 7.30pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall


Starring Roger Llewellyn
written by David Stuart Davies

Wonderful one man show

The World's Greatest Fictional Detective confronts the most complex case of all… his own psyche. Fine Wit, Humour, High Drama, and a touch of pathos – "elementary" aspects of this original and entertaining solo play.

It explores the mind of the real man – not 'the thinking machine' -, a passionate and secretive man, with a cutting sense of humour.  Stripping away his infamous clinical façade, Holmes reveals unexpected fears and weaknesses.

Original music by Simon Slater
Directed by Gareth Armstrong

‘What The Papers Say‘ :

‘In these elegant hands, this is Holmes as you’ve always imagined him - but with a cutting sense of humour’. - Sunday Express 

‘Roger Llewellyn precisely embodies Sherlock, Conan Doyle would have approved’  - Time Out, London                                         

‘Llewellyn is a top-notch British actor, this is the finest, most fully realised one-man show I’ve ever seen’. -  Montreal Gazette 

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