Andy & Mike's Big Box of Bananas

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23rd June 2012 - 11am

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

Andy Day, the BAFTA nominated CBeebies Presenter and the star of Andy's Wild Adventures (on CBeebies in 2012), brings his much loved humour to this high energy, fast-paced children’s comedy. 

In a production aimed at children over three and their whole families, Andy and long-term comedy partner Mike James have created a hilarious, slap-stick and fast-paced show.

When a magical and mysterious box appears the duo’s ‘fun pad’, the boys find they are unable to open it. They make it their mission to find out what’s inside, which leads them into the greatest adventure of their lives! Guided only by their own curiosity and the suave, sophisticated, handsome and altogether modest narrator.

Join them on the colourful journey that ensues… they’ll be taking the ‘house-sitters’ (that’s you) every step of the way! Be prepared to meet confused pirates, musical sea life, all-singing all-dancing air stewards and to lend them a hand to find out what could be inside the Big Box!
Oh, and if you see Poppy the Pet Porpoise, will you tell us? Well, WILL YOU?

Suitable Age 3+

Presented by Cheeky-Chap Productions
Created by Mike James, Andy Day, Iain Lauchlan and Gareth Osland
Directed by Iain Lauchlan
Music & Lyrics by Jamie Ledwith

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