Relatively Speaking

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13th June to 16th June 2012 - 7.30pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall


  • Wednesday £11
  • Thursday to Saturday £12

Presented by The Festival Players

When Greg finds a strange pair of slippers under the bed he decides to follow Ginny when she goes off for a day in the country—supposedly to visit her parents but actually to break things off with her older married lover, Philip. Showing up unannounced, Greg asks for her hand from the man he thinks is her father, while Philip mistakenly believes that the strange young man is asking permission to marry Sheila, Philip’s exceedingly befuddled wife. The situation is further complicated by a series of hilarious misunderstandings until no one (including the audience) can be exactly sure who’s in love with whom.

The Festival Players are delighted to be presenting Ayckbourn's first West End hit.

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