Mrs Barbara Nice

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18th February 2012 - 8pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

The Housewife Superstar in her new show Hiya and Higher

 “A hybrid between Victoria Wood and Mrs.Merton” The Times
“Catch her before she goes stratospheric” The Scotsman

Mrs. Barbara Nice – Stockport mother of five - is worried that we are living In a world of ever diminishing friendliness where we keep our selves to ourselves, heads down afraid to catch anyone`s eye. She wants us all to stand proud, be open and look the world right in the eye – or we won`t feel the benefit!
Expect a friendly, inclusive atmosphere with home truths, great timing and unique comic insights into the human condition.

***** Chortle  “Thank you Mrs.Nice!“
**** Edinburgh Evening News
***** The Independent

Barbara Nice is the comic creation of Janice Connolly – ‘Holy Mary’ from Channel 4’s acclaimed ‘Phoenix Nights’ TV series.

Suitable 16+

Presented by Lakin McCarthy Entertainments

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