Of Mice and Men

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30th October to 31st October 2011 - Sunday 7pm, Monday 10.30am

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

One of the classic stories of the twentieth century by one of America's greatest novelists.

Set against the harsh backdrop of the Great Depression, Of Mice and Men is the story of George and Lennie, two friends with a simple dream: to own a farm and live off the fat of the land.

However, there are times when sharp-witted George feels the burden of looking after Lennie, a gentle giant who doesn't realise his own strength.   As they drift from job to job, trouble's never far away. When the pair get work in California, the dream looks set to become a reality until the two friends discover the flip side of their American Dream, as a tragic turn of events threatens to destroy their friendship and leave George faced with an impossible choice...

Suitable Age 12+
Duration: 2 hours plus interval

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