• £95 for the week

Show In A Week - Theatre Workshops

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8th August to 19th August 2011 - 10.15am to 3.30pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

“All the worlds a stage and you are the shinning star on it.”

This summer holiday Loughborough Town Hall offers you the chance to play your part.  Join us as we stage a ‘show in a week’.  

  • 8-12 August   6 to 11 year olds
  • 15-19 August   10 to 15 year olds

Show in a Week is a musical workshop for young people led by two fully-trained industry professionals, with a wealth of experience in improvisation, physical theatre and performance.  These workshops will enable the group to learn a range of new skills, meet new people and have great fun.  

No previous experience is necessary but these workshops will appeal to young people who like singing, dancing and acting.  Participants will even learn to make props and create the set. 

The workshops run from 10.15am to 3.30pm each day, ending with a short performance on Friday of each week featuring the work generated by the group, with tickets available from the box office.

Download Application Forms  Show in a Week Application (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb) here.  

Alternatively please contact Rosanna Cant on 01509 634913 for more information.   Costs are £95 week payable with your application.

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