Arabella Weir

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8th June 2011 - 7.30pm

Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

“The Real Me Is Thin”

The hapless and hilarious tale of a life lived under the constant and ruthless reign of a chocolate biscuit… explored in her latest book, The Real Me Is Thin.

Lumped into 'the too fat for potatoes group' by her mother, carefree eating isn't something Arabella Weir had much experience of growing up.   With startling frankness, Arabella unravels her own eating history in this humorous appraisal of our attitudes towards eating disorders and obesity. Not easy for someone who still can't be alone unsupervised in a room with a packet of chocolate biscuits.

Charting Arabella's neurotic relationship with food, from prolonged abstinence to binge eating, this humorous memoir recreates a childhood besieged with battles over food. Recounting stories of unhinged mothers and callous doctors, mystery-meat suppers, and egg custard battles with calculating boyfriends' mothers, she vividly recreates a childhood and adolescence marred by the social embarrassment of being marked as different simply due to your weight.

Arabella Weir is the author of the best-selling Does My Bum Look Big In This?   She is best known for her role in BBC2's The Fast Show and is a frequent commentator on current issues in the Guardian.

Arabella most recently appeared in E4’s teen drama Skins and in the West End show Calendar Girls.

Book signing during the evening.

Suitable Age 14+ 

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