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High Over Corfe - Christopher Clayton

Here, There and Everywhere - A solo exhibition by Christopher Clayton - 2nd March to 2nd July 2016

In this collection of watercolour paintings and pen and ink drawings, Chris’s aim is to depict the quintessential nature of rural Britain, including the splendour of our countryside, the vastness of our shorelines and the quirkiness of our towns and villages. The subtleties of our native flora and fauna and the human involvement with the environment are portrayed in simplistic, yet ethereal images.

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Settled Waters

Loose Ends - A solo exhibition by Alessia Giangrande - 6th July to 5 November 2016

As with many other important things in life, beauty pops out at you when you least expect it. In the pursuit of blurring the boundaries between our stereotypes of beauty and the multifaceted, unpredictable harmony of our everyday reality, Alessia has chased glimpses of perfection within unfinished journeys, irrelevant details and misfit attributes. Deliberately distant from famous landmarks and popular places, her work aims to picture a larger narrative that captures the compelling complexity of the ordinary.


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